Probation Violations

A probation violation is a serious criminal defense matter. When probation is granted it is a legal alternative to serving jail time. Probation is typically considered a suspended sentence for both felonies and misdemeanors. When a person is found guilty by a judge at a probation violation hearing they face the jail or prison sentence from the original charge. For example, if you were on probation for passing bad checks and were given an SIS of five years in jail and a judge determines you violated any of the terms of your probation, you are facing five years in jail.

If your probation officer is seeking a probation violation, it’s a fact that they intend to fight for jail time. Therefore, you need a lawyer as soon as you become aware that a warrant for your arrest has been issued or a probation violation hearing has been scheduled.

I am Bill Byrnes of Byrnes and Boehmer, LLC. Over the last twelve years, I have earned the respect probation officers, prosecutors and judges throughout Missouri. I will sit down to negotiate better solutions to your probation violation that don’t include sending you back to jail to serve your original sentence. I know exactly proposals will taken seriously by each prosecutor and upheld by each judge in the Missouri County Courts. I will take the time to explain why you are a good person and should be continued on probation not sitting in jail.

I will take your freedom seriously and work the system on your behalf. Experience and people skills are critical on probation violation cases. Call me for FREE 24 hours a day at 1-888-8888 we can talk through your unique set of circumstance and devise a plan to help keep you out of jail.

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