Attorney in St. Charles, William Byrnes of Byrnes and Boehmer LLC.

Byrnes and Boehmer Law office is registered in Missouri as Byrnes and Boehmer, LLC.  The firm first started under Attorney William (Bill) Byrnes as The Byrnes Law Firm in 2002.   Bill’s demeanor and client compassion quickly created a large client base in St. Louis and St. Charles County.  The Byrnes Law Firm grew to two offices during the first year of his practice.  The first office was opened in St. Charles County and the second office was opened in St. Louis County in Hazelwood, Missouri.

By the end of the year, it was obvious that Bill’s docket was expanding.  To benefit his clients, he began a search for the perfect lawyer to partner with.  Bill’s goal was to find a compliment to his style, who would serve clients with respect and determined legal advocacy.  The partner that fit the bill was Eric Boehmer.  Eric was previously St. Charles County’s Assistant Prosecuting Attorney.  Together they formed the new Missouri Law Office of Byrnes and Boehmer, LLC.

Byrnes and Boehmer continued on the path of success and outgrew their original space.  In 2005, Byrnes and Boehmer purchased their current property at 1603 Boone’s Lick in St. Charles County.

Bill Byrnes has had a tremendous career so far in St. Louis, St. Charles and the surrounding counties in Missouri.  He and the other attorneys at Byrnes and Boehmer have traveled all over the state of Missouri to accompany their clients facing serious criminal charges.

Bill takes great joy in the long list of dismissals and NOT guilty verdicts.  However, he is most proud of the positive impacts his service has provided the families of our area.

Contact William (Bill) Byrnes, criminal defense lawyer and partner of Byrnes and Boehmer, LLC. Bill will discuss your case and your options. His office is available 24/7 for free legal advice call 636-949-9000.

Bill Byrnes is the founding partner of Byrnes & Boehmer in St. Charles, Missouri.  The firm represents clients in the counties that surround St. Charles and St. Louis.  These counties include Warrenton, Lincoln, Franklin and Montgomery.  Due to the seriousness of drug crimes, Bill Byrnes travels across the state to help people with felony drug charges.


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